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9pin 6ft Serial cable M - M 6.00(6.24 USD)
We specialize in used/refurbished/end of line PC and Mac products. Our prices are in Canadian dollars, to switch to US dollars click the link above. All Items are shipped from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we ship to anywhere in the world!

3-foot FireWire 800 1394b 9pin to 9pin
2.50(2.60 USD)

ECS P6BXT-A+ Slot 1 + Socket 370 ATX board
14.00(14.56 USD)

HDI - Centronics 50pin SCSI Cable for PowerBooks
6.00(6.24 USD)

72pin SIMM [2]  168pin DIMM [2]    

Lot of (2) 32MB 72pin
60ns EDO Simms
4.00(4.16 USD)
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Compaq Proliant 128MB
DIMM 228470-001
8.00(8.32 USD)
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Lot of (2) 16MB 72pin
60ns FPM Simms
4.99(5.19 USD)
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72pin SIMM        
  Title Condition Qty Price
 Lot of (2) 16MB 72pin 60ns FPM Simms Used 34 4.99(5.19 USD)
 Lot of (2) 32MB 72pin 60ns EDO Simms Used 53 4.00(4.16 USD)
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