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We specialize in used/refurbished/end of line PC and Mac products. Our prices are in Canadian dollars, to switch to US dollars click the link above. All Items are shipped from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we ship to anywhere in the world!

6.4GB IDE hard drive
6.00(6.24 USD)

Intel PII400 CPU with heatsink only
8.00(8.32 USD)

RJ11 Cable Approx 6-10ft
1.00(1.04 USD)

Cards [11]  Cable [1]    

Avansys 50pin PCI SCSI
8.00(8.32 USD)
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50pin (5) Device SCSI
Ribbon cable
6.00(6.24 USD)
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Adaptec AHA-2910 PCI
Internal only SCSI Card
6.00(6.24 USD)
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Title Condition Qty Price
 50pin (5) Device SCSI Ribbon cable Used 1 6.00(6.24 USD)
 Adaptec AHA 2910A 50pin SCSI Card Used 2 9.00(9.36 USD)
 Adaptec AHA-2742 EISA 50pin SCSI Card Used 2 8.00(8.32 USD)
 Adaptec AHA-2910 PCI Internal only SCSI Card Used 1 6.00(6.24 USD)
 Adaptec AHA-2940UW Wide PCI SCSI Card Used 1 24.00(24.96 USD)
 Adaptec AHA-2940W 68pin PCI SCSI Card Used 1 12.00(12.48 USD)
 Adaptec ASC-39160 PCI-X SCSI Card U160 Used 3 17.00(17.68 USD)
 Adaptec AVA-1505 25pin ISA SCSI Card Used 1 5.00(5.20 USD)
 Adaptec AVA-2906 25pin PCI SCSI Card Used 1 10.00(10.40 USD)
 Adaptec, AHA-2940 , 50pin, PCI fast SCSI adapter. Used 8 12.00(12.48 USD)
 Advansys 50pin PCI SCSI Card, ABP-960 Used 1 5.00(5.20 USD)
 Avansys 50pin PCI SCSI Card Used 1 8.00(8.32 USD)
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